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VAST is a science fiction role playing game show created and gamemastered by Jackson Lanzing. It’s a space adventure in the spirit of Star Trek.

In 2025, the Earth was destroyed by an interstellar natural disaster known as “the Slate”.

But humans live on.

For with the Slate, came our first contact with an alien intelligence -- the Pac-Ha. This ancient and powerful race appeared in the sky at our darkest hour and saved us. They moved us to Terra, a new homeworld under the protection of their Peacekeep forces. We were the new kids on the block in a galactic community filled with strange aliens and advanced technology. We had a lot to learn.

One hundred and eighty years later, across the galaxy, the Slate has begun to close in on the most dangerous civilization the Peacekeep has ever known, The Brightest Eye. The two galactic powers suddenly find themselves on a collision course.

Into the middle of it all is Lucy Bard, the first human Captain of a Peacekeep Starcrosser, and the crew of her ship, The Avalon.

But they’re not alone...

The Brightest Eye has sent their fiercest warrior, Visionary Destroyer, and the crew of his Warship, The Screaming Valor, on a mission to save The Eye by any means necessary.

The Avalon

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Screaming Valor

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